"Tony B is one of the swingingest singers I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy."
Meredith D'Ambrosio -- Jazz Recording Artist, Sunnyside records
"Tony B has a spirited voice and dynamic sense of style.  Today's listeners are sure to find his interpretations of the "Standards" truly refreshing."
Sam Arlen -- S.A. Music, & www.haroldarlen.com
"Tony B is as exciting as Bobby Darin when he first burst upon the scene."
Joey Reynolds -- Hall of Fame Radio Personality--WOR Radio NY
CD Review Quotes
"From the moment I heard Tony B singing "I've Got The World On A String", some of my most wonderful musical memories came back to me."
Sid Bernstein -- Legendary Promoter--The Beatles
"....that was Tony B, who sounds a lot like Bobby Darin...maybe even better."
Danny Stiles -- Legendary Radio Personality
"The warm, rich, velvety voice of Tony B, brings back memories of the great crooners.  He is todays quintissential singer, and his compelling voice gives us great hope in todays music world.  
Al Monroe -- WNTI Radio NJ
"Tony B, whose impression of Al Jolson is amazing, is also a fine singer in his own right."
Joe Franklin -- Legendary Radio & Television Personality
''....the musical charisma of Russ Columbo, the vocal authority of Tony Bennett, and swinging sensibility of Frank Sinatra."
Mitch Douglas -- International Creative Management (ICM)
"The reason for Tony B's success is actually quite simple;
unerring good judgement in choosing material, combined with the pipes to pull it off."
Tom Gates -- NY Editor, The Palm Beach Society
"With an energy and excitement matched only by a voice of power and distinction, Tony B has arrived on the music scene...His sensitivity to interpretation, arrangement, and presentation, is meticulously polished...a true mark of a multi-talented artist on his way."
Jeffrey C. Williams -- WICC Radio, CT
"Swingin' Around beautifully meshes past, present, and future...It is not surprising that Tony would create original songs as diverse and at the same very high level as the standards that he performs....With far too few contemporary performers carrying on the cherised legacy of Sinatra and Ella, we need Tony now!  I'm reserving an entire section of my CD tower for a Tony B collection."
Mike Azzara -- Staten Island Advance
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all rights reserved
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