Quotes about Tony B's Al Jolson Impression
From the 2003 International Al Jolson Convention in California:
.Actress Evelyn Keyes (who starred in The Jolson Story), and casting director Marvin Paige, were seated at my table when Tony came on stage to perform.  When he started to sing as Jolson, Miss Keyes raised her hands to her mouth in astonishment and said "Oh My God".   Mr. Paige reacted by saying "that was great" and then (thinking that Tony was lip-synching) he asked me "is he really going to sing now?"  I replied, "That was him singing". 
Jan Hernstat ----Vice President Int'l Al Jolson Society
Actress Sybil Jason, who starred with Jolson in the movie "The Singing Kid" said "Tony....
you just keep getting better and better.....you are a true treasure to the Jolson people."
                                     Sybil Jason --Child Actress and Star-- Warner Brothers Pictures
From various newspapers:
......."Once Tony Babino takes the stage as Al Jolson, you're in for an hour of real musical magic.  Anybody can do Jolson.  Just get down on one knee, hold out your arms and say "Mammy", and everyone knows who you are impersonating.  But, Mr. Babino has those eyebrows that move up just above his rolling eyes, that lower lip that pouts when he smiles, and that sidelong glance of pleasure that completes the picture of Jolson.  His beautiful baritone is hitched to some strong energy and emotion.  It"s Al Jolson alright --without the blackface racism dredged up from his minstrel roots, and if he had just incorporated a whistling chorus into his rendition of "Swanee", you'd swear that Jolson was up there singing for you."                                          
Fairfield Citizen Newspaper -- CT
...... "When Tony Babino started to croon as Al Jolson, the packed house stopped breathing.  You could have heard a pin drop....and when Babino dropped to his knees, all you could hear was a fabulous rendition of "Sonny Boy".  As he kept singing one great song after the next, you kept hoping he wouldn't stop.  He sang everything from "My Mammy" to "California Here I Come".  Babino was worth the price of the ticket all by himself.  A class act, he wore the traditional Jolson string tie and white gloves, but he didn't wear blackface.  He came close to stealing the entire show.
                                                                             Trumbull Times -- CT
"Babino worked the crowd with yet more Jolson favorites and drew such a response that
Irving Caesar stood from the dais and yelled
"You're Great!"     Doug Galloway - Daily VARIETY -- CA
"Babino has dazzled audiences from New York to California with his uncanny vocal impression of Al Jolson.
Dateline Atlantic City -- NJ
"the show features Connie Haines and Tony Babino, who does the world's greatest imitation of Al Jolson."
                                                                     Newark Star Ledger -- NJ
"Babino's Jolson is pitch perfect.  He even dons the white gloves and long bow tie that the singer usually wore in blackface."                                                                                                 Westport Minuteman -- CT
"Saturday evening, patrons of the Variety Arts Center in downtown L.A. were treated to a scintillating
performance of Jolson standards by Tony Babino."
          Doug Galloway -  Daily VARIETY  -- CA
"Tony is the closest that I have ever heard anyone come to sounding like Jolson, except for the man himself".
John Wehrman----President Int'l Al Jolson Society
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8/11/2006 - New York City renames 51st Street & Broadway  -  “AL JOLSON WAY”
“The audience’s mood was cheerful even before dapper Tony Babino, a world-class Jolson impressionist, tossed off a crackling
“Is It True What They Say About Dixie?” and lifted it to ebullience.”   
Robert F. Moss, The Jewish Daily Forward, 8/25/06