"The Ice Harvest"
Track Listings

1. Nothing But The Wheel_ Peter Wolf  
2. Trouble With Dreams_ Eels  
3. Miracle Of Christmas_ Funeral For A Friend  
4. This Christmas_ Louis XIV  
5. Christmas Song_ Hidden In Plain View  
6. The Chipmunk Song_ Alvin & The Chipmunks  
7. The Little Drummer Boy_ Tony B  
8. Silent Night_ Charles Brown  
9. Hark! The Herald Angels_ David Kitay  
10. The First Noel_ Cranberry Singers  
11. O Tannenbaum_ Jesse Davis  
12. You Seen Charlie  
13. Roy's In Town  
14. Man Down  
15. You're In Love With Me  
16. The Velvet Touch  
17. Vic's House  
18. The Lake  
19. The Empty Bag  
20. Money Isn't Everything  
21. Bill's Car  
22. Charlie Gets The Gun  
23. Guns Everywhere  
24. The Spoils  
25. Christmas Celebration_ Jesse Thomas  
26. Let's Be Gentlemen Please_ The Gentlemen